October 2021


Following her previous success at Rio 2016 Martine chilled out for a while by competing in the Volvo Ocean Race on AkzoNobel –which she was aboard when the Dutch entry broke the 24-hour record set by her father Torben 10 years before. Now there is talk in Brazil of Martine hooking up with Dad and her now double gold medal 49er FX crew in the 2022 Ocean Race. There are plenty more fast Graels to make up the numbers if needed
 Why they won
‘Martine and Kahena rule, but Katie McCabe’s feats are also amazing!!!‘ – Tiago Di Poerro Celestino; Martine and Kahena are simply the best’ – Farley Vilaca; ‘And they are the nicest too!’ – Alexandre Franco Caetano; ‘And the hardest working!!’ – Louise Lomardo; ‘Martine and Kahena – they are our golden girls… the best women sailors ever’ – Leonardo Baeta; ‘Two grand athletes in the great tradition of Brazilian sailing – Eraldo Pacheco Votto.