October 2016


A feel-good story that takes feel-good up another notch. Prior to Rio Lange had won two bronze medals in the Tornado – at Athens 2004 and at Beijing in 2008. Then in 2013 he was diagnosed with cancer. During six months of treatment, Lange, as he freely admits, became obsessed with making it to Rio. Aged 54, he was the regatta’s oldest competitor when he and crew Cecilia Saroli took Nacra 17 gold after the most dramatic of Medal Races
 Why they won
‘Santi takes the cake, just a very classy guy’ – Tom Schnackenberg; ‘The reference for the next generation’ – Nathalie Kmentt; ‘Story of the Games’ – Jo Grindley; ‘El numero uno’ – Ricardo Lopez; ‘An inspiration to all cancer sufferers’ – Juan Ferrer; ‘A great man with a low profile’ – Karen Bosch; ‘One lung, one gold medal’ – Adrian Obarrio; ‘An excellent human being’ – Susana Arrieta; ‘Admirable y adorable, Santiago’ – Indio Seleme; ‘Love him’ – Gabriele Bremer; ‘Magnificent’ – Juan Garay; ‘Heart, soul, passion’ – Blue Robinson.