October 2014


Winning the Quarter Ton Cup yet again was pretty good, then going on to win the Half Ton Classics two weeks later was even better. However, Morty was really nominated for the amazing job that he (and his wife) have done in resurrecting Ton Cup sailing with 33 immaculate and well-prepared Quarter Tonners on the line this year, on the 10th anniversary of the first of these spectacular revivalist regattas
 Why they won
‘Great sailor, even greater old stories... and always there keen to help anyone out with problems great and small’ – Sacha Oswald; ‘Nice work, Morty!’ – Ado Stead; ‘You can’t beat him so you may as well join him’ – Chris Mason; ‘Half Ton sailors must stick together’ – Bert Jansen; ‘My vote is for Mr and Mrs Morton, an awesome double act who have done so much’ – Mark Mills; ‘He deserves this one’ – the wife!; ‘A perfect winner’ – Bob Fisher; ‘Morty led the way for us young guns in Jersey... and still does’ – Blue Robinson.