October 2013

Yann Elies (FRA)

The 39-year-old French skipper survived a broken forestay and some tactical disasters on leg 3 to win his second consecutive Figaro race. Runs in the family, too, since his father Patrick won the event – then La Course de l’Aurore – back in 1979. In spite of his subsequent successes Eliès remains best known for his dramatic rescue after breaking his femur in the Southern Ocean in the 2008 Vendée Globe
 Why they won
‘A real legend and helpful to boot’ – Henry Bomby; ‘Back-to-back Figaro wins... a brilliant effort’ – Marcus Hutchinson; ‘The nicest and coolest guy in the Figaro fleet... and also the fastest’ – Dave Kenefick; ‘I’ll never forget seeing him sail past us at the Needles on his Figaro... completely naked. So very French!’ – Harry Spedding; ‘He never ducks an opportunity to help the younger guys in the Figaro fleet’ – Phil Johnston; ‘Perfectly typifies the French way of sailing, modest, helpful and of course bl**dy good’ – Ed Hill.