November 2021


Not in any way to demean the latest great performance from Negri’s 2021 Star World Champion crew Frihjof Kleen, but the superb German front man has won this title (and many others) before, while for Italy’s perennial runner-up crossing the line in that final race brought an Oscar-level outpouring of emotion, that started… ‘I must thank the Folli family for building my beautiful girl, called 21! I love her!! She is a winner like 21 in blackjack! Now she is my baby for ever… I promise!!!’
 Why they won
‘Proof that good things come to those that wait!’ – Magnus Wheatley; ‘Fantastico Diego Negri!’ – Giovanna Giordano; ‘Grande Diego! Star World Champion doesn’t need any further comment!’ – Francesco Naglia; ‘My friend is the best’ – Riccardo Colla; ‘Diego for President!!!’ – Mario Micheli; ‘He just kept coming back, always getting better each year… Bravo, my friend’ – Klaus Diederichs; ‘This Diego really deserves’ – Davide Corticelli.