November 2012

David Howlett (GBR)

Of course we backed Ben for a third gold in the Finn, but as much as wanting the result for Ainslie we wanted to be able to direct more credit to his loyal coach David Howlett. Always a brilliant technical mind in one-designs, with his own track record in the Finn to prove it, Howlett found the perfect ‘client’ with Ainslie whose dedication to doing the best possible job with the machinery available is peerless
 Why they won
‘Knighthood’ – Nick Griffiths; ‘At least an OBE’ – John Greenwood; ‘Why the reticence about David’s contribution?’ – Richard Hart; ‘He’s done an extraordinary job, first with Iain [Percy] then Ben’ – Vasiliy Kravchenko; ‘Top bloke, ready to help anyone’ – Simon Pettit; ’Great memories, a few shareable’ – Fiona Brockholes; ‘Legend’ – Andrew Howarth; ‘One of the best!’ – Blue Robinson; ‘Unsung hero’ – Marcus Hutchinson; ‘A pain in the arse, but I can’t thank him enough’ – Mark Andrews; ‘Arise, Sir Sid’ – Tony Harris.