May 2021


After a quick brainstorm we realised there is one ‘right’ nomination to represent the whole of Emirates Team New Zealand. Rufus is the younger brother of Te Rehutai grinder Finn Henry and is the team’s ‘Everywhere Man’, a job Rufus has carried out superbly (also scaring his chaseboat co-driver whenever he can). The America’s Cup prizegiving was the chance at last for the world to see that there is a lot more to this team than 11 extraordinary sailors (plus Grant Dalton!)
 Why they won
‘Ruf dog has a team of 5mill behind him’ – James Columb; ‘An inspiration to us all, thank you, Rufus, for your part in winning the America’s Cup’ – Ray Davies; ‘Go get ’em, Rufus’ – Courtnay Clark; ‘His role in Team NZ sums up the brilliance of a country where winning comes from building a team spirit. Plus he’s a media superstar! – Harriet Henry; ‘Thanks for this, guys, it’s so culturally relevant to who we are as an organisation’ – Grant Dalton, CEO Team New Zealand.