May 2016


Like the uphill struggle facing our wing rig innovators, Hugh Welbourn and his small team have had to battle for acceptance of their DSS stability concept. Our nomination timing is prompted by the very significant announcement that McConaghy Boats are to start building two DSS designs in China. Meanwhile, the first DSS Infiniti 46 will begin racing in earnest shortly… confidence is high!
 Why they won
‘A National 12 champion in short trousers, two-handed round the world and foiling for the masses in his old age!’ – Peter Morton; ‘DSS is the best thing in years’ – Paul Murphy; ‘We need original thinkers’ – Jim Dominy; ‘The Quant 23 is awesome, I want one’ – Norm Casler; ‘Who says monohulls can’t reach?’ – Tim Banks; ‘A free thinker in an industry locked into incremental development’ – Pete Elkington; ‘Finally… I got into Hugh’s DSS adventure early, but it still takes time to change the world!’ – Michael Aeppli.