May 2015


What more does the UK’s (and world’s) best match racer have to do to attract the attention of the elite sailing teams? By winning a 5th world title Williams becomes the most successful match racer of all time. Like Russell Coutts (engineer), Williams is also a qualified professional man (lawyer). Brains and discipline definitely help. Hopefully a further US$186,000 in prize money will ease any feelings of injustice...
 Why they won
‘(Another) brilliant result’ – Skip Lissiman; ‘Just keeps delivering’ – John Roberson; ‘What a result, the kid’s (Gannon Troutman) cute but he’s got time’ – Linda Harris; ‘Peter Holmberg pointed Ian out to me 9 years ago as the next big thing... he may well have been right!’ – Andrew Pindar; ‘He gives up a good job as a solicitor then becomes the world’s best match racer... outstanding!’ – Tony Ruffell; ‘He’s probably got enough kit but Ian’s been at the top for years and that 19-1 score was mighty’ – Ian Holtedahl-Finley.