May 2013

Jean-pierre Dick (FRA)

It is an unusual record but it’s sadly getting more and more relevant. JP sailed 2,600nm onboard Virbac to finish the Vendée Globe after losing his keel. But the key was that he didn’t charge on regardless – rather he found suitable shelter when bad weather threatened him and simply waited until conditions were more benign, before continuing on. Seamanship can sometimes just mean patience
 Why they won
His latest Vendée Globe did not end the way he would have liked, but it did end with a fine piece of seamanship as Dick took a very carefully judged approach to finishing the course safely during severe Biscay weather after losing the keel off his Imoca 60 Virbac. ‘An outstanding achievement’ – Hans Staler; ‘A gentleman par excellence’ – Tom Gaveriaux; ‘Jean-Pierre is the only Frenchman with the phlegm of an Englishman... Bravo!’ – Tanguy de Lamotte; ‘And he also raised a lot of money for children’s charity!’ – JP Riou.