May 2012

Hap Fauth (USA)

It’s easy to forget that sailing – in spite of all the noise around media and shore-based fans – continues to be one of the world’s great participation sports. And at its heart are tens of thousands of passionate enthusiasts… like Hap Fauth. Impatient for the launch of his latest Bella Mente, Fauth chartered a TP52 for Key West and got stuck in, steering with a tiller for the first time in years. And he did good. Here’s one for the enthusiasts who are this sport
 Why they won
‘A sailing gent’ – Sean Clarkson; ‘Beetle cat or maxi, he will find a way to stay in front of you!’ – Ted Matthews; ‘Exactly the sort of positive role model we need’ – Jay Hansen; ‘A great ambassador’ – Bill Gladstone; ‘We need more gents like Hap’ – Jack Orr; ‘Got to vote for the boss!’ – Danny Weeks; ‘He exemplifies what this prize is about’ – Melissa Seamans; ‘Grounded and admirable’ – Brian Kinsella; ‘Hap is great for sailing… and architecture!’ Rehn Hassell.