May 2002

Howard Hamlin (USA)

One of the alltime great 505 enthusiasts, and current world champion, the Californian also won this year's 18 Foot Skiff world title in a masterful display on Sydney Harbour. And he was building Five Os in Kevlar when Europe thought it was a herb
 Why they won
'The Man' romped home with support from just about everywhere. 'Howie Wowie is the best' (Diane Jensen); 'He should be Sailor of the Year' (too many to list); 'Howie are just super' (Morten Ramsbaek); 'Howie rulez!' (Tom Bojland); 'Howie is the MAN' (Dave Anderson); 'A great ambassador - he shares everything' (Shona Lovshin); 'Uncle Howie is da best' (Beau Lewis); 'My Godfather's the best, I love him and hope to be as good some day' (Max Lewis); 'A good fellow and excellent sclilor' (Mum).