March 2015


Pella’s dominance of the Class40 division in the Route du Rhum was a performance that has been threatening for some time… Pella is the outstanding Spanish shorthander of the current generation and for the 2014 Rhum he was paired up with designer Marcelo Botín’s clearly exceptional latest Class40 Tales 2. After a faltering start with rudder, sail and electronic issues, Pella soon romped to the front – and thereafter was never really challenged
 Why they won
‘Fast on the sea, great fun on the shore’ – Garcia Asier; ‘Sir Robin is a superstar but Alex’s result was magnificent... and with an all- Spanish project!’ – Santiago Cuervas-Mons; ‘Great performance assembling a team in a country where sailing has such a low profile’ – Jose Verges; ‘King of the Atlantic’ – Xoan Campos; ‘Good job... now for that big sponsor’ – Carles Antic; ‘Alex is the best this month but Sir Robin is still the boss!’ – Juan Rivas; ‘To win the Rhum without a sponsor is quite outstanding’ – Jesús Renedo.