March 2014


Another titan of the sport. When the Star was dropped from the line-up for Rio later he and Bruno Prada won the debut Star Sailors’2016 Scheidt quietly got back in his Laser, scoring well at regional events. Then at the age of 40 Scheidt travelled to Muscat for the world championship, which he led from early on before closing the deal in a highly pressured final race. Two weeks League in Nassau. Incredible
 Why they won
‘Thank God I’ll never be in the same Laser Masters category as him’ – John Roberson; ‘To win [the Laser worlds] so convincingly at 40 is beyond super-human’ – Alex Fox; ‘Robert is a monster! Invincible!’ – Rafael Valdivia; ‘Lasers, Stars, it doesn’t matter, he’s driven, cool and very, very fast’ – Luiz Kahl; ‘Russell [Coutts] was brilliant but now he’s in management; Robert is still delivering on the frontline’ – Richard Hardcastle; ‘A true champion and a great example for the beautiful sport of sailing’ – Marieke Rapoulie.