March 2012

Matt Cassidy (USA)

Lots of people have been chasing us to nominate Matt (those Christmas cards are working), but there is no doubt the roll of honour is plenty long enough to agree with them. Just a few from a long list… bowman on Team Aqua, winner of the RC44 Tour this year and mid-bow with Ed Baird on the TP52Quantum Racing, then back on point with three-time world match race champion Ian Williams… Job done
 Why they won
‘To win the MedCup, RC44s, Cong Cup, TP52 Worlds and Match Race Worlds in one year… It’s about time, Matt!’ – Ian Williams; ‘Talented and driven since he was a little boy…’ – Abbie Plunkett; ‘When the chips are down, call for Matt!’ – Ray Wulf; ‘An all-round class act’ – Duthie Lidgard; ‘No one compares to this boy’ – Sarah Callahan; ‘The ultimate unsung hero and the best can-do attitude out there’ – Dobbs Davis (sic); ‘Yeeeehah, Matty!’ – Bobby Richards.