March 2009

Sam Davies (GBR)

It was Paul Cayard on EF Language who first demonstrated what a competitor with good media skills can do for an event. Come the current Vendée Globe and for the English-speaking world especially (which remains quite sizeable…), Sam is putting on a bravura performance both for the sympatico spirit of the ocean sailor and for her sponsor Roxy – who are benefiting from Sam’s regular fashion shows in the Southern Ocean
 Why they won
The right person for the times: ‘Awesome effort and an A+ on how you’re telling the story; this is the way to bring people into the sport. You have a huge fan-base in the USA with many kids who don’t even sail’ – Cam Lewis; ‘Great sailor, great courage and perfect attitude’ – Mika Joniaux; ‘Couscous power!’ – Nico Lopez; ‘Non-stop girlie-girl!’ – Karen Marg; ‘Thank you for letting us share your adventure’ – Clementine Thomas; ‘What is wonderful is Sam’s constant good mood, the bad times are all kept to herself’ – Pascal Desmarets; ‘Do you want to be the skipper of my boat?’ – Donna Massimo; ‘Sam is stepping up and beyond anyone before her, come out of the shadows and enjoy the success’ – Ross Hobson.