2008 MARCH

Justice Herman Cahn (USA)

In among the America’s Cup mayhem Justice Cahn seemed to take a matter of moments to see straight through the obfuscation of those who would divert and delay the 33rd Cup for the benefit of the few rather than the many… Cahn left little room for doubt in his judgement in November; clearly he wished for the boys to take their toys some place else. Sadly some of the boys seem not to have yet grasped the message…
Why they won
God damn, you don’t mess with Coutts’ new boys, do you? With a day remaining a deluge of mail and votes poured in to support the man who refuses to swallow all the guff about ‘barges’ and ‘twin-keel cats’. If his Honour keeps his nerve through February we are in for some mighty fine new multihull machines. Seahorse

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