March 2005

Finian Maynard (BVI)

The fastest man in sailing - bar none – a nice monicker if there ever was one. Maynard has been leading the current generation of speed sailors for several years and had several painfully near misses with the outright speed record. The tough BVI boardsailor’s persistence has finally paid off, however, and for the first time in 11 years the speed record is held by something that is recognisable to most people as a sailing craft! Now those brave Aussies have to get it back…
 Why they won
‘No fancy wingsails and speed rockets. One man, a sailboard and cojones grandes… We sure do miss such records in sailing these days’ – Kristian Hajnsek. ‘If it was easy it would have been done a long time ago’ – Palle Jørgensen. And 52 per cent of you agreed!