June 2022


Great to be nominating a US sailor again for a major oceanic achievement… it’s been too long. Finn recently completed what designer and racer Mervyn Owen described well as ‘one of the greatest feats of seamanship ever completed by an American sailor’. That achievement… battling his way the wrong way round Cape Horn to sail solo from New York City to San Francisco onboard a far from confidence-inspiring 36ft proa. The non-stop voyage took him 93 (long) days
 Why they won
‘This was your moonshot, Ryan, congratulations’ – Tony Drake; ‘Round the Horn in a 3,200lb proa… seriously!’ – Murray Jones; ‘Terrifying adventure!’ Michelle Clark; ’Sam is a great sailor, but there is only one Ryan Finn, taking a rebuilt and very light (of course) plywood proa the wrong way around Cape Horn from NY to SF in such an obviously seamanlike manner… it’s barely credible’ – Jim Hardy; ‘Just so proud, proud, proud!!!’ – Michael Finn.