June 2021


Nominated to represent the whole amazing shore crew at American Magic for putting a completely broken example of the most complicated type of sailboat known to man back together in 11 days. They did it and had it been earlier in the competition when their rivals were less well-settled it may even have been enough to stay in the game. No matter, to get a smashed AC75 back out there and around the course at all in those two final very windy races was an epic achievement
 Why they won
'Now put Randy up next month and he'll win hands down!' – Carter White; 'An incredible effort from the whole team' – Blue Robinson; 'Brandon and the entire shore crew performed miracles, we can never thank them enough' – Baden Cashmore; 'Nice one, Brandon!' – James Lyne; 'Thank you!' – Goody; 'Brandon's an Aussie!!!' – Keith Robinson. 'I am honoured to represent such an outstandingly proficient group of people' – Brandon Linton.