June 2016


An under-rated talent. Justin first came to prominence in the racing world when he teamed up with qualified engineer (and not a bad sailor) Russell Coutts to create the RC44 – as good an example of ‘boat fits purpose’ as you will come across. But Justin’s latest design, the L-30 (pg46) really is something else. Commissioned for Rodion Luka’s Ukraine initiative, the L-30 will find a far wider market as soon as word is out
 Why they won
‘Brave, innovative but smart’ – Dmytro Kudryavtsev; ‘two great boats, the RC44 and L30, no further comment needed’ – Hasso Ambroselli; ‘The L30 (above) is a great contribution to sailing’ – Alex Ivanov; ‘The L30 really is a very clever idea’ – Alex Dabrovski; ‘Boats like the L30 are the future’ – Yuri Vlasenko; ‘Andrej is such a talented designer but he deserves wider attention’ – Torsti Pullola; ‘He has also had a strong influence in sailing in the Ukraine’ – Alex Molatai; ‘He is unafraid to follow his instincts’ – Andrey Nazximko.