June 2014


How great was it to see the Sydney 2000 Olympic gold medallists and former Star world champions back in action together at this year’s Bacardi Cup in Miami? And the old magic is still there, as two of the most helpful and popular sailors on the planet slid into the runner-up slot ahead of the likes of five-time Olympic medallist Torben Grael, now sailing with Guilherme Almeida
 Why they won
‘Still a force in the Star class 14 years after their 2000 gold medal in Sydney’ – Jonathan Harley; ‘Absolute legends and two of the most generous and unassuming guys you will ever meet’ – Ed Peel; ‘Not only great sailors but also good citizens!’ – Christy Schisler; ‘Two of the finest ambassadors for the sport’ – Jonas Haggbom; ‘Both are active supporters of the sport and real gentlemen, Magnus also works tirelessly for disabled sailing’ – Bill Sandberg; ‘Star sailors rule!’ – Jerry Ford; ‘They both give back so much’ – Steve Shaw.