June 2012

Darren ‘twirler’ Jones (AUS)

Another unsung hero with multiple world titles in the Farr 30, Farr 40 and Swan 45 classes, to name but three. Plenty of other major titles in the Etchells and Melges 32 classes and a handy set of results on the left coast in the sleds. Plus, and maybe more important, this Hobart native’s got a pretty scary fan club who have been leaning on us for a while… Sailmaker, trimmer and all-round top bloke. Good enough…
 Why they won
Too many keelboat titles to list… ‘A combination of mad scientist, speed freak, film maker, tireless prankster and one hell of a sailor’ – Deneen Demourkas; ‘As if you wouldn’t choose way-cool Darren’ – Brodey Bakes; ‘A pro sailor with genuine enthusiasm!!!’ – Kim Woodhouse; ‘Surely he must hold more titles than any skipper or owner?’ – Carole Abbott; ‘Great pro and a great bloke’ – Guy Stening; ‘A wealth of experience, all deliver nicely!’ – Dan Mullervy.