2006 JUNE

Mike Sanderson (NZL)

No letters please about the ‘curse of Seahorse’ we’ll only point out that John Kostecki went on to win the last Volvo Race. Mike Sanderson brought his own brand of dedicated professionalism to the ABN campaign, helping create a pre-race programme in which most of the potential demons were confronted rather than minimised. The result is that Sanderson’s team now have quite a few ‘comfort points’ in the bank…
Why they won
Pictured above in typically respectful pose with his team-mate and skipper of ABN Amro Two, Sebastien Josse (left), Mike Sanderson took no fewer than 89 per cent of the votes this month. And Sanderson was not just praised for his comprehensive job at sea during the Volvo Race: ‘We hear that he’s equally adept at making fleece-lined sleeping bags on Emma’s [Richards] sewing machine as he is at the helm of ABN One,’ chimed Sarah Kafetz about 1990s man.

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