June 2005

Andy Horton & Brad Nichol (USA)

Who they?' cr'ied many when the winners of the Stars at the 2005 Miami OCR were announced. These two keelboat sailors rose the traditional way through the US rankings, Lightnings and small offshore one-desiglns, before carefully planning their assault on the biggest class of all. Buying Pete Bromby's Olympic eqUipment was a smart first move, 15 days of training and the first big win then followed!
 Why they won
By 57% to 43% this talented new Star pairing just held off Aussie Richard Perini. ‘One of sailing’s great unsung talents, I’d sail with him anywhere’ – Ed Baird; ‘Rock on, Horton’ – Bridget Rynne; ‘This pair are right up there’ – Kip Meadows; ‘I’m soooh proud!’ – Maggie Burr.