July 2022


Almost 1,000 sailors from 35 countries came to Italy for the 40th edition of the humbly titled ‘Lake Garda Optimist Meeting’ – aka the world’s largest single class regatta. Gold and silver fleets we know about, but gold, silver, bronze… and pearl!! In a finish that even Hollywood would have considered too over the top, the winner was this quiet young Ukrainian. If just a sliver of the joy that greeted his win reaches Kiev then Putin is in deep doo-doo
 Why they won
‘Of course I am voting for Sviatoslav. Slava Ukraini!’ – Ian Williams; ‘Ukrainians are the strongest and the bravest. Love for Ukraine’ – Vitaliy Kuznyetsov; ‘Super! Gloria for Ukraine!’ – Oleksandr Blavatnyi; ‘The greatest youth sailor Ukraine has ever been blessed with’ – Valentyn Klymentyev; ‘Sviatoslav is simply brilliant!’ – Debbie Smith; ‘Slava is young, strong and a straightforward Ukrainian sportsman’ – Denys Silchenko.