July 2016


Another solo event that historically attracted both the very best sailors as well as a sometimes quirky fleet of yachts was the Transat. But, started in 1960, the race had quietly faded from public consciousness as higher-profile events like the Route du Rhum and Vendée Globe stepped in. New Volvo Race CEO Mark Turner – a bit of a traditionalist – was not prepared to see the event die and fought to save it. The 2016 edition was a pleasing vindication of his efforts
 Why they won
‘A driven visionary, just keep him off the subject of where elite sailing should be going’ – Andrew Palfrey; ‘I remember us beating into 80kt to Kerguelen to fix our broken Maxi... the boy’s done well’ – Garfield Smith; ‘Mark Turner and traditionalist on the same page, come on!’ – Charles Darbyshire; ‘Mark’s done so much for sailing, creating the Extreme 40 as a spectator series has clearly steered the AC’ – Richard Butcher. ‘“Well if that’s what you all think then we might as well all go home now”... Miss ya!!!’ – Emily Caroe.