2006 JULY

Stan Honey (USA)

ABN Amro One’s navigator celebrated his 51st birthday on Leg 5 of the Volvo Race by watching MoviStar slide astern after passing their Spanish rivals barely one length to weather. This nomination for Honey is long overdue after an extraordinary range of achievements in everything from 505s to a round-the-world record on Cheyenne, plus countless more ‘conventional’ ocean race successes
Why they won
Two in a row for the USA. Five-ohs at Yale to PlayStation to the Volvo Race – a winner. ‘Go Stan!’ - Beau Vrolyk; ‘I am spending 20 hours a day sitting next to one of the nicest, smartest men I ever worked with’ – Mike Sanderson (ABN One); ’Go, bro!!! A great sailor and a world-class brother’ – Tami Honey; ‘A great navigator and one of the coolest and classiest guys in the sport’ – Gerard Sheridan; ‘Supreme!’ – Stuart Quarrie; ‘Ouch, Stan and Luca [Bassani], both deserve to win… not so tough next time, please’ – Andy Steiner. Seahorse

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