January 2022


Well, that wasn’t very funny… Tom Kneen and his Plymouth team on their JPK 1180 Sunrise did a terrific job winning the Fastnet this year, with the bonus of breaking away from the fleet in light air on the way to Cherbourg and finishing 10 hours ahead of their nearest class rival, joy of joys. They did a nice job winning the Middle Sea Race too, or they thought they had. After that, well, a bunch of novice boys scouts would have made a better fist of sorting out the results
 Why they won
‘Does it really need pointing out the obvious? Tom got the double, end of’ – Roeland Vroon; ‘Wow, every serious racing sailor knows the real result of the Middle Sea Race’ – Nick Haigh; ‘Great campaign, which was carried out wisely by an enthusiastic and young owner’ – James Boyd; ‘Youthful debutante!!!’ – Mark Heseltine; ‘A dominant offshore season, well done!’ – Andrew Besheer; ‘The new Géry Trentesaux?’ – Jack Russel;