January 2021


In the 1997 Whitbread it was Paul Cayard and his brutal talk of firehoses on deck that kept followers of the race locked onto the news coming off the eventual race winner. In this Vendée Globe that mantle has landed with King Jean, who introduced himself to thousands of new fans by hogging the limelight in the opening weeks of the race by refusing to lie down with the other old boats as he ‘should’. And then there came prose to turn Moitessier green with envy…
 Why they won
Pictured: finally resting after saving his friend. ‘I feel sorry for anyone coming up against Jean in this vote. Bravo, Jean!’ – Campbell Field; ‘Hero’ – Jimmy Hellberg; ‘Le Cam, le legende’ – Simon Scammell; ‘Still the master of the seas’ – Patrick Lindqvist; ‘Jean, as if kicking ass in an old boat wasn’t enough, he ups the ante by rescuing Escoffier’ – Dave Russell; ‘Sailor of the year… of the decade?’ – Antoine de Kerviler; ‘This Vendée now has its hero’ – Phillip Scherer.