January 2015


The team behind Bart’s Bash, led by Iain Percy, aimed to raise around £20,000 with their new event in honour of a wonderful friend... as we went to press the running total stood at £276,610 with 26,879 the latest tally of sailors having taken part in the event in the many nations all around the globe. To reach out so far demanded extraordinary work and co-ordination – and the Artemis Racing CEO was not found wanting
 Why they won
Pictured above with four-year-old Freddie Simpson preparing for Bart’s Bash... ‘Olympic gold (twice), America’s Cup team leader and a friend for more than life to Bart... No one could be more deserving’ – Alistair Skinner; ‘Intelligent, articulate and ultra competitive – the complete package’ – Simon Wilder; ‘A genuine champion’ – Chris Mason; ‘Bart’s Bash was a wonderful idea, but it was in its execution that Percy’s team showed real class’ – Marc Turner; ‘One of the very best in the world’ – Wolfgang Schaefer.