January 2013

Helmut Jahn (USA)

The boat name is a clue, the Farr 40 Flash Gordon 6 being just the latest in a long line of always immaculately turned-out boats for this enthusiastic skipper. Together with his co-helmsman – and son – Evan, and outstanding US tactician Bill Hardesty, the Flash Gordon team swept aside a strong, multinational 20-boat fleet to win the 2012 Rolex Farr 40 worlds… in Jahn’s hometown of Chicago. Sweet
 Why they won
They fought the corner for Star boatbuilder Jon VanderMolen but in the end the Farr 40 OD fleet remains a pretty formidable foe… especially when it sets to work on home soil! Many voters paid tribute to the long commitment of this Chicago architect to big boat sailing in general and owner-driver competition in particular, while both current and former crew make clear that he also seems to be an OK sort of a guy to go sailing with… He turns out his long series of yachts – always with the same name – pretty nicely too.