February 2021


Currently mid-Atlantic with four other crew in her quest to become the first sailor to cross the pond using only breath and tongue to control her big 46ft cat. The 23-year-old suffers with athetoid cerebral palsy and has no use of her arms and legs. Lambert has already crossed the English Channel as well as a dauntingly impressive singlehanded lap of the Isle of Wight. In her free time… she is busy fundraising for her own sailing school as well as the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust
 Why they won
‘How could I not be Tash’s biggest fan?’ – Geoff Holt; ‘What a very remarkable young lady’ – Carol Taylor; ‘Pure courage!’ – Jerome Santos; ‘A wonderful story in times when there isn’t much wonderful happening’ – Barry Auger; ‘An incredible achievement, by a very brave young woman’ – Nick Bowen; ‘Natasha was breaking down perceptions with every mile’ – Ruth Goode; ‘Wow, what you can achieve if you put your mind to it!’ – Tony Denning.