February 2014


Attention to detail was a major contributing factor when Bora Gulari won his second Moth world title in Hawaii last month… that and some brilliantly consistent sailing in challenging tactical conditions. Gulari was so determined to ensure every element of his Mach 2 Moth was as low drag as was humanly possible that he bought a 3D printer in order to make a multitude of slinky micro fairings
 Why they won
‘Olympic champions, AC and Volvo sailors, he beat ’em all’ – Eric Aakhus; ‘Terrific sailor and an insane innovator’ – Brent Ruhne; ‘It wasn’t just about the fairings, he never dropped a tack and sailed brilliantly throughout’ – Dave Chisholm; ‘That Bora is one happening D-town Turk’ – Nairb Orresent; ‘He also won the nice guy and the coolest boat award’ – Tony Kotoun; ‘Bora is one of the most humble, unassuming and accomplished sailors I have met’ – Neal Turlock; ‘Bora rocks. Yes, it’s that simple!’ – Charlie Ainsworth