February 2013

Steve Clark (USA)

Like it or loathe it, the 34th America’s Cup is pretty exciting and lots of good things are going to come out of it. But would this Cup be anything like the animal it is today had Steve Clark not thrown his heart into resurrecting the C-Class, giving away all his wing catamaran design information to anybody serious about using it? We doubt it. The crowd of wannabe AC72 designers at the Little America’s Cup in 2010 suggests AC34 owes him a lot
 Why they won
‘One of the absolute greats’ – Shirley Robertson; ‘So generous with his time and his knowledge’ – Dick Klein; ‘We rocked up with some carbon, he put us up and helped us build an A-Cat!’ – Bailey White; ‘Steve’s contributions are beyond comparison’ – Bill Pearson; ‘He helped me, hired me and taught me it all. Thanks, buddy’ – Chip Johns; ‘This one man pushed sailing forwards’ – Peter Stoneburg; ‘To think I used to be his babysitter…’ – Nina Campbell; ‘Steve’s done more for sailing than anybody I know of’ – Magnus Clarke.