February 2012

Grant ‘louie’ Loretz (NZL)

In 2011 Louie won his third MedCup in a row, two with ETNZ and the latest with Quantum. Of course, as one of the world’s most talented and sought-after sail trimmers Louie has also won quite a few other prizes… The America’s Cup for ‘one’, plus most of the great inshore and offshore regattas of the world – including the last ‘proper’ Admiral’s Cup back in 1999 when he was a shipmate of our sainted editor
 Why they won
‘You always know you’re going fast when Louie is hanging on the end of the sheet’ – Matt Mason; ‘Yippee… how cool, our boys are so proud of Dadda!!!’ – Barbara Loretz; ‘Talented, top bloke’ – Peter Lester; ‘One of the best in the business’ – Grant Spanhake; ‘Like a great wine he gets better with age’ – Francesco de Angelis; ‘Brings up the level of all around him’ – Tom Burnham; ‘A solid citizen and a great sailor!’ – Terry Hutchinson; ‘Go, Louie!!!’ – Adolfo Carrau.