February 2009

Steve White (GBR)

For several of those taking part, the biggest victory is already in the bag, just getting to the startline of the Vendée Globe. One such is Steve White, skipper of Josh Hall’s ageing Imoca 60 Gartmore, now renamed Toe in the Water. When he got to Les Sables before the race start White asked his shore crew to leave him to bring his boat into the harbour alone – and promptly by all accounts then cried his eyes out in relief at having made it
 Why they won
‘No one in the event can have risked so much to achieve their goal against every possible obstacle’ – Eero Lehtinen; ‘A superb example of what dogged self-belief can achieve’ – Andrew Hunt; ‘Steve embodies the spirit that makes the Vendée so fascinating’ – Jeremy Troughton; ‘Steve needs the Dubarrys and gear a lot more than Bruno Troublé, he can buy his own!!!’ – Harry Spedding