February 2005

Stuart Walker (USA)

Widely read, and still not a bad sailor to boot, octogenarian Stu Walker won the 2004 Fall Soling Bowl in Annapolis, counting four wins in seven starts, 35 years after Walker first introduced the Soling to Annapolis following its selection as an Olympic class. Although best known as a writer of (nine) books on racing tactics, Walker, the first American to win the Prince of Wales Cup in International 14s back in 1964, last year also won both the Dutch and US Soling titles as well as a host of other US events
 Why they won
Go the ‘US of A’: as a nation you are nothing if not resolute when it comes to supporting your own – well done. As we closed this month’s race it was 57:43% in favour of Walker over New Zealand’s Neville Crichton, so not a bad effort all round. Stuart Walker has been a pillar of the US sailing community for way longer than anyone at Seahorse can remember – and still he’s winning championships – fab!