December 2022


Without performance sailing enthusiasts like Roberto Lacorte who are fortunate enough to have sufficient resources to follow their dreams we would still be back around the time of the first canting keels. America’s Cup figures like Matteo de Nora and Larry Ellison believed it when told their giant Cup boats could fly and barely 10 years later we take flying big boats for granted. So thank you, Roberto, and also for giving Seahorse such cool stuff to write about!
 Why they won
‘The most innovative person I have ever met’ – Alessandra Valentini; ‘Talent, tenacity and a first-class understanding of yacht design together make Roberto Lacorte an excellent ambassador for crazy Italian sailors!’ – Valeria Masoni; ‘The story of Roberto teaming up with Mark Mills is an exciting one… we wait to see what they do next!’ – Nicola Maggio; ‘Did you know Roberto is also quite a good racing driver?’ – Felix Geri. ‘Go the crazy man!’ – Emanuel Richelmy.