December 2021


You’re going to be hearing a lot about this young chappie. We suspect that his bravura Leg 1 victory in the Mini Transat, pressing on against the advice of race organisers who were predicting winds of 60-80kt, is just the start. Fink is 19, but, rather than sounding impetuous when he later discussed his choice to carry on, it was clear he had studied the meteo in great detail then made his correct decision about how to avoid the storm while protecting his lead
 Why they won
‘Cool sailor! Does his own thing instead of following the herd’ – Rainer Büge; ‘Melwin was the youngest, fastest and the most fearless sailor in the Mini Transat, at the same time very modest and careful with his equipment’ – Wilko Meinhold; ‘A great young offshore sailor’ – Thomas Jungblut; ‘I’m sorry but the choice is too hard; they both deserve it!’ – Udo Heuser; ‘A courageous and reflective young man who deserves support’ – Gabriele Ritter.