December 2015


A sterling reminder of just how good the French have always been at offshore racing and of what strong supporters they have always been of RORC’s offshore programme in particular; examples of French crews crossing the Channel for race starts and sailing home after the finish are legion. Trentesaux has dominated the RORC programme this year and a well-earned Fastnet race win was appropriate icing for the cake
 Why they won
‘He is the best’ – Patrice and Mimi Carpentier; ‘We too were OCS in Fastnet Class 3, but Géry took an hour to recross and we took two … chapeau!’ – Tom Hayhoe; ‘A great sailor and gentleman’ – Tony Lawson; ‘What a great offshore sailor’ – Bart Vroon; ‘He has won virtually every offshore race he’s competed in, certainly this year’ – Pierre Ghewy; ‘He must win, it will be the cherry on the top of one of the most brilliant offshore campaigns ever’ – Hervé Dereux; ‘Offshore he is such a consistent winner, respect!’ – Koen van Gils.