December 2013


John MacCausland and his father before him have been extraordinarily enthusiastic and productive supporters of the US Star fleet for as long as they have been walking. And in partnership with ‘Big Phil’, John has finally secured the most prestigious title in small boat sailing. There can have been few previous gold Star winners so universally applauded.
 Why they won
‘Jonny Mac, the 30-year overnight success!’ – Ray Wulff; ‘A class act for years’ – Mark Penny; ‘I’ve known and been beaten by JC for about 40 years...’ – Bruce Nicholson; ‘Two great guys and exemplary representatives of the Star class... well done’ – Christian Finnsgard; ‘Just reward for a lifelong effort’ – Doug Smith; ‘They are the Star world champions, enough said’ – John Lombard; ‘I am voting for you, but you have no chance against the cute and talented Irish champion’ – Rodrigo Meireles calls it wrong...