December 2012

Oscar Mead (GBR)

Not a bad sailor (like his dad), at age 18 Mead was the youngest skipper to enter the OSTAR three years ago, finishing 6th. Since then, prompted by the drowning last year of a UK sailor, securely tethered to his yacht but unable to keep his head above water, Mead has been developing a new harness intended to ensure that in a similar situation the victim is towed backwards and face-up, to minimize the deadly ingress of spray and water
 Why they won
A lot of influential people have clearly taken note of transatlantic solo racer Mead’s new safety harness and so in spite of (Mrs) Tania Cookson’s admirable efforts the young Brit edged it! ‘Best thing since the EPIRB’ – Mark Thornburrow; ‘Yes, at long last’ – Pat Shaughnessy; ‘Oscar deserves this award as a sign of gratitude from the sailing community… and their families’ – David Franks; ‘Lucky that he got his looks from his mum… he’s even quite useful to have on a boat!’ – Ben Williams; ‘Very proud’ – Laurence Mead.