December 2009

Bora Gulari (USA)

Had Gulari not been nominated this month then a good many of you may well have fallen out of love with us… we got the message, thanks! Having held various class records since the Moth went foiler, including heaviest ‘sailor’ to fly and to gybe airborne (both set with his girlfriend onboard…), it was only right that Gulari now ends up with the biggest prize of all. Hard work and enthusiasm will achieve anything
 Why they won
‘All hail, Borat! Now take a shower’ – Joe Gibson; ‘Here comes the Robbie Nash of sailing’ – Chris Williams; ‘Bora’s da man!’ – Geoff Ewenson; ‘This man invented sailing, water, beer’ – Duncan Owlsey; ‘A great effort by a determined dude’ – Trevor Baylis; ‘We are enjoying watching you from Istanbul’ – Sacit Ertug; ‘Because… he’s a good guy, he just broke 30kt, America needs some good news, did I mention he’s a good guy!’ – Cam McTavish.