August 2022


We have tried before, Ossie, really we have. Still a nipper at 68, the Olympic Soling bronze medallist of 1992 has amassed a huge tally of major national and international titles but always as a crew. Winning the 2022 RS Elite title marked his first ever in the back of the bus. Crewed by his son Tom and renowned one design sailor Geoff Carveth, Stewart took his big win by just 1pt ahead of old friend and rival Russell Peters who was taking time out from his own full-on Cape 31 campaign
 Why they won
‘Age and treachery win over youth and beauty!’ – Andrew McIrvine; ‘The old bugger deserves it for all his years and achievements’ – Robo; ‘I’ve had to put up with him for over 40 years’ – Jock Wishart; ‘A lifetime of humour (and achievement!)’ – Bryn Vaile; ‘If you know, you know… if you don’t, where have you been?’ – Ian Holtendahl Finlay; ‘Did you know he has an Olympic medal? – too many people to list; ‘Nice one, Oz, good man’ – ed.