August 2021


Any man who gets around the Fastnet course in 24 hours gets our respect but when that person was born in 1941 (we’re too polite ever to mention Peter’s age) then we think that makes it more than the usual bit special. Peter Cunningham is best known as a big multihull sailor with his MOD70 Powerplay, which won the last RORC Caribbean 600. Last year also saw him in action in the Cayman Islands racing his J/70 and J/22. Also racing with Andy Beadsworth in Dragons where his team was third in the HM King Juan Carlos Trophy in Cascais.
 Why they won
‘When the world shuts down, Peter goes sailing’ – Tomeaka McTaggart; ‘Not sure there is another octagenarian on the planet who has the enthusiasm for our sport of this man. He is a good singer in the bar too!!!’ – Simon Fry; ‘The Fastnet record was the worst sailing I’ve ever done and Peter was with us the whole way!’ – Miles Seddon; ‘Our whole club is immensely proud of all Pete has achieved’ – Alan Roffey, Commodore, Cayman Islands Sailing Club.