August 2014


Two young tigers indeed… in winning the Transat AG2R Gahinet and Meilhat defeated many of the very biggest names in French offshore sailing including the biggest name of all, Michel Desjoyeaux. There was very little subtle about this victory, the fast pair claiming simply ‘to have sailed like hell and pushed at full throttle from start to finish… That is the only way to race, n’est çe pas?’
 Why they won
‘First attempt, first time together, first victory!’ – Christophe Fourleignie; ‘Good race and a beautiful victory for a young and nice team’ – Olivier Guy; ‘Because they are the best!’ – Charles Harmonic; ‘Two great sailors’ – Armel Le Cléac’h; ‘The best young navigators!’ – Mic Sauvage; ‘Gwénolé and Paul delivered an outstanding performance in the AG2R, they deserve this prize’ – Gerard le Page; ‘The lads sailed a truly amazing race, boat speed, boat speed, boat speed!’ – Henry Bomby. ‘Top job’ – Nick Cherry.