August 2013

Andrew Mills (GBR)

The British Finn squad really is something of a phenomenon. Britain’s previous Finn Gold Cup winner Giles Scott went into the last medal race day at Hyères leading the 2013 series by a comfortable margin, only to be overwhelmed with a brilliant final flourish by his teammate Mills, for whom this is the first major international title. All the usual suspects are working hard to knock GBR off their perch but there’s a way to go
 Why they won
A big vote this month. ‘My outside bet for Finn gold in Rio, plus he’s a fellow ginger and we need all the help we can get!’ – Dan Wilkinson; ‘A serious force in the toughest of the dinghy classes’ – Bob Fisher; ‘A giant of a man and none too shabby in a Finn’ – Craig Bowie; ‘And then he broke the Round the Island record with Sir Ben!’ – Amy Cada; ‘It was always a matter of when not if Andrew would start collecting the major titles’ – Nigel Milligan; ‘He works bl**dy hard and he supports others’ – Craig Whitby.