August 2009

Peter Morton (GBR/AUS)

Frequently outspoken in his criticism of the status quo he may be, but few people have done more for British big boat racing. Campaigning and project managing IOR, IMS and IRC designs, resourcing teams for the Admiral’s Cup and Commodores’ Cup and most recently being the driving force behind the thriving ‘all new’ Quarter Ton class (supported lest we commit a grievous oversight by his rapid wife, Louise…)
 Why they won
‘Morty gave John Merricks and me our first break in a big boat with the Mumm 36 in the Admiral’s Cup’ – Ian Walker, Green Dragon; ‘A lovely man with a huge heart, he rescued my 2004 Yngling campaign’ – Shirley Robertson; ‘Just look at all of the people – and classes – he has helped’ – Mark Mills; ‘Good opinions, freely given!’ – Dan Primrose; ‘Love him or hate him, he gets the job done’ – Bernard Cooper; ‘And he needs some decent boots!’ – Magnus Wheatley.