Bernard Stamm (SUI)

We'll never know what might have become of Stamm and his rapid Rolland design in the last Vendee Globe, retiring soon after the start due to a lack of preparation time. Since then the pair have blasted their way to a new Atlantic monohull record, several wins on the IMOCA grand prix tour and now have utterly dominated the Around Alone, scoring 59 points out of a maximum possible of 60. The latest win has set Stamm up well for his next project, while his yacht designer should also be getting a few phone calls soon ...
Why they won
Another one for the land of banks and Toblerone... Bernard Stamm did just what was required of him in polishing off a very tidy Around Alone win. But while he dominated the racing, he also dealt calmly and intelligently with a potentially life threatening problem with his swing keel mechanism off Cape Horn which would have seen many retire. However, the 'freedom man', Thierry Dubois, made a fight of voting: 'I want to vote for both, but I am voting for Thierry because he worked so hard ashore and afloat to educate people about human rights. Bernard won but Thierry has made a difference' - Around Alone manager Mary Ambler.

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